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Friday, 16 June 2017

282: Pseud's Corner

Express something to its literal end. Fluidity is crucial, and capturing things only makes us long term keep them.
The great thinkers of the world have always been critical of self, and i like to imagine genial concepts running through from person to person, like an olympic torch.
In philosophy genius has always been seen as a fluid not mathematically minded construct. It lives and breathes on whats happening, on the moments spur, on creativity.
Blink and you miss it, capture and its lost. This is my point for discourse. The memory is the only place i keep lots of experiences, they can be forgotten, so what!

281: Boxing Retrospective By Muttley - Audley "A-Force" Harrison

Audley 'A-Force' Harrison, the 6 foot 5 black athlete turned boxer from London, UK, often became dismissed as a novelty celeb act by armchair journalists, but as a prizefighter champion after his olympic gold and holding the european title against, lets face it, always outclassed opponents, it was inevitable. Growing a nascent worrying fascination for picking his fights before frank warren picked them for him, he is known inside the ring to real boxing pugilists for a ramrod jab and staggering power in his southpaw-stance left hand. Notable wins for audley:
1. Obv. Olympic gold. And like all olympic athletes, nicola adams right now on bnation etc, they rely on boxing rather than volume and/or punching power. Science. Its hard to pick notable clips from "a - force" harrison in the olympics, because the best fights are boxer vs. Fighter, as shown in harrison's crippling (but not catastrophic) defeats against david price (ko1), david haye (stoppage r3, for the wba world title) and the most brutal; deontay wilder's wild head shots in the first round for the commonwealth title which probably ended his career at the right time. These losses stopped audley in his tracks specifically; more on that later.
2. Danny Williams KO r3. The man who knocked out Iron Mike Tyson in 4 rounds creating his descending 2000s spiral into early retirement, and lennoxs best comparison uk wise at least out of the limelight (is meant to shred leather in the sparring drills). Cuts ensued against audley and audley it should be noted took williams out of there six rounds earlier than wladimir klitschko in 2002.
3. Michael Sprott Ko 12. A very memorable fight this one, the underrated domestic titan Sprott causing audley early adversity mentally but gave the old sorcerer enough time to suck up the punches and press on with outscoring- and finally- knocking out, sprott.
These excellent wins are the reason i rated audley up there with the 21st century greats like the klitschkos, haye, fury, and deontay, the problem is with audley technically is he has a suspect chin - hit right, he quickly collapses- and like an articulated lorry takes ages despite usual early covetous sharpness to get going.
I never liked the "fraudley" and mocking of him back then and i still dont now, yes he can talk, but he has not lost his marbles, hes just content and hes opinionated. Id rather have a gentle giant like him on my bbc tv in the formative years of training as a middleweight muaythai fighter than some crap spouting rubbish role model. As much as i love david haye he does come out with some bollocks before his fights, in fact i have him down as one of the founders of noughties trash talk...sadly, because hes always great to watch, one of my faves of all time.
I will never forget the aspects of scale and ratio, volume and size, power and precision and paradoxical entertainment - over sheer blitzkrieg novelty - that an audley harrison fight brought to me as a teenager.
i have no idea what im doing out of bed

Saturday, 10 June 2017

280: FTAL, FTEL, FTCL June 2K17 Round-up (Rapture Witney Oxon CD Buys, Last 6 Months)

FTAL, FTEL, FTCL (explanations of the acronyms at http://www.subvertcentral.com by inputting these terms in the search engine) records round-up, June 11th 2017. By Muttley.

Ez, hey, wassup all readers, fans, acolytes (don't set fire to my sofa!). Thought I'd do a little SV Recommends compendium, because I've been saving ravenously to spend on therapeutic gold as ever.

Here are my CDs bought from Rapture, Witney, Oxon UK In the last 6 months.

M83 - Junk
Ministry Of Sound - The Chillout Session 2CD Mix
This Is Chill 2CD Mix - Various Artists
Warpaint - Heads Up
Cigarettes After Sex - S/T
Slow Club - One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More
Goldfrapp - Silver Eye / We Are Glitter (Import)
Ministry Of Sound - Oldschool Anthems 3CD
Xiu Xiu - Forget
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Trance Friendz / Loon OST
Mala - Mala In Cuba

Generally all good stuff, well written and interesting. The Goldfrapp material is some of the strongest stuff I've heard from Alison and Will. The MOS CDs are welcome additions, full of classic proper electronica. Mala is cool. The real winners for me though are the art rock of Xiu Xiu, M83 French synthpop, and the very Slowdive-y Cigarettes After Sex. Slow Club's newest does not touch "Complete Surrender" personally, and the Nils Frahm collab is kinda stilted, but I love them all. Go and explore will you.

Mike xoxo

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

279: Half Sycophant Half Narcissist

Half sycophant, half narcissist
you'll find the wasters raising a fist
they don't have anything else to say
so they get frustrating, grating
taking the heart rate off the spectrum
playing the sycophants heart with a plectrum
also becoming a narcissist in their own right
"I am right and I use my might to talk you down"
hey, at least the sycophantic narcissists have
something in common?
Seems that way, doesn't it.
Oh well, you're a red blooded spanner and you
put your foot in it, didn't you?
That's a way to destroy a relationship
for people who are sycophantic and narcissistic
like you and me, it would come to find out you blew it.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

278: Drumfunk Opacity

Here's one for ya. Drumfunk, the buzzword for drum-driven drum and bass, percussive dance of sorts, as Chris Inperspective of the Technicality label would like to term it, once upon a time (2007). How does it gain its environmental opacity? By opacity I imply the “right ambience”. The right ambience is something we look for heavily in gentrified “mood music”, specifically music for setting a scene. Indeed much “mood” in shorthand is ideal for scoring films, movies, whatever you call them.

Much success, I would think, comes down to the “time bomb ethic” of the drums. The “timbre” of the track. These two things, qualities, et al, are not separate, rather they compliment each other in the “right ambience”. You see where I'm going with this? What I am simply saying is “drumfunk needs the right ambience for its potential to be fully realised, and I think we can all agree what we once hated can turn into things we love”.

Take Paradox Music. To some the drums might sound like washed out cardboard rolling down a hill. To the trained ear crunchy crisp percussions are the order of the day, and for once there's no unnecessary filler side salad; flights of fancy. The discombobulation Nucleus & Paradox turn on the “Fuzz and the Boog” drum hit on the piece “Fuzzy Something” is a timeless, riotous wonder.

To understand is to understate, always. Hence the adjectives, because I will never truly so “get it”.